Basic Stamp Multi Sensor Data Logging

Basic Stamp Multi Sensor Data Logging

Abstract of Winter 2013 paper:

The Multi Sensor Logger was used to monitor and store the environmental conditions of a bicycle trailer. The system usage requirements are, but not limited to:

  • Reliability in a high vibration environment.
  • Resistance or protection from temperature and moisture.
  • Stabilized mounting of hardware to mobile platform.
  • Ease of setup, operation, monitoring, and removal of system.

The system is operator initiated through the use of a control switch. The system makes use of all 16 I/O pins from the Board Of Education. It collects data from the following sensors:

  • Tilt Sensor for tracking vibration, angle, and motion.
  • Ultrasonic Sonar Sensor for detecting objects in range.
  • Magnetic Compass Sensor to track bearing and to detect magnetic interferences.
  • Speedometer Reed Sensor to track motion and distance.
  • Temperature Sensor to record air temperature of environment.
  • Voltage Level Sensor to record system voltage use during entire data logging process.

The sensor data is collected at 3 set time intervals, these are as follows:

  • 250 sec intervals for Tilt and Sonar readings.
  • 1.5 sec intervals for Compass and Speed readings.
  • 10 sec intervals for Temperature and Voltage readings.

The entire paper can be read here



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